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Shipping, Transit Insurance and Delivery Policy

Shipping Costs
a) Shipping costs are calcuated during checkout. 

b) Secured armoured delivery or High value purchases (more than $10,000): shipping price will be provided to the customer via email.

c) International shipping charges: Available on quote. Email us if you would like to know our international shipping charges. International shipping charges are different from domestic charges. Packages are shipped using FedEx. Please note that international shipping charges are expensive.

Transit Insurance Cost and Conditions
a) Transit insurance is payable at the rate of 1.0% of the total value of bullion. Transit insurance charges are different for high value purchases. 

b) Once you are advised that your order has been shipped, your purchase order will be delivered except in cases where the address supplied is incorrect, illegible, incomplete or if the client is away or has moved or if you do not collect the package on time (package must be collected on the same day of arrival), in which case you will be liable (will void transit insurance cover). Gold De Royale is not liable under any circumstances if you have nominated someone else to collect the package on your behalf or someone else collects it without your authorization or using fake identity or the address is a non-residential address or is collected by a third party (will void transit insurance cover).

c) Risk passes to the client upon collection of the bullion by the nominated shipping method. It is the client’s responsibility to arrange insurance from this point onward. The client acknowledges that from the time of delivery the client will have the necessary insurance to guard against any loss which may occur in relation to the bullion from such time. Gold De Royale provides no advice regarding the terms of any insurance, the suitability of the insurance for the client or the eligibility of the client to claim under the insurance policy.

d) Due to any unforeseen circumstances, if the bullion order that we ship to you gets lost or stolen during the transit period, Gold De Royale will file a claim with our insurer. The client will be paid the money that was used to purchase the bullion from us once we receive the money from the insurer (it could take up to 6 months or more). Any transit insurance claims for lost goods must be made within 3 business days of dispatch from Gold De Royale. If a transit loss occurs, all bullion items are insured to the bullion purchase price minus insurance, shipping and credit card surcharge cost.

Shipping Discretion

a) We may at our discretion change the shipping method if we find that the area (postcode) to which we are to ship is considered a high risk.

b) We reserve the right to charge an additional shipping deposit fee of $30.00 if we believe that you will not be available to collect the package when the courier company arrives for delivery. The holding deposit fee will be released if you are present at home during the delivery and you collect the package. If you are not present when the courier driver arrives you will forfeit this amount.

c) Packages going to high risk locations, remote locations or high value packages, a separate quote will be provided to the customer.

d) Gold De Royale reserves the right not to ship your order to a business or a residential address if we consider the shipping address to be of a high risk. In such cases, we will ship your order to the nearest courier depot available near to your address and the customer agrees to pick up their order from the courier depot (we will advise you on how to collect your order and the name of the courier company).

e) If multiple orders are going to the same address, we reserve the right to combine them as one order in order to reduce transit risk. There is no refund of shipping fees if we combine them as a single shipment, as each order placed by the customer is unique and cannot be changed once it has gone through our system.

f) Regardless of the shipping method requested by the customer, Gold De Royale will choose the best shipping method to ship the customer’s order as per its risk management strategy.

g) Customers bullion stored in our vault cannot be transferred directly to your vault under any situations. In such circumstances, Gold De Royale can only ship your bullion to your residential address or at our discretion to your work address if it is not classified as high risk.

h) Customers cannot collect their bullion in-person. We can only ship them to you and not to a third party.

i) Customers bullion stored in our vault, shipping charges are different and will be provided as a separate quote.

International Shipping & Insurance
All duties and taxes must be paid by the customer when your order arrives in your country of destination for delivery. Please consult your local customs department for more information on duty and tax rates if they are applicable. If your order is returned to Gold De Royale due to your refusal to pay duties or taxes, or if the shipping carrier was unable to deliver your order, you will be responsible for any return shipping fees, additional duties, or applicable taxes for returning the package back to Gold De Royale. In addition, if your package is returned to Gold De Royale, we will not reship your order until we are paid in full for any return shipping costs, duties, or taxes we have had to pay in advance for you, as well as any subsequent reship fees back to you. International shipping returns are very costly and we strongly suggest making yourself aware of any duties or taxes before orders are placed with Gold De Royale to avoid any problems. In addition, we recommend making yourself available to the delivery company so your package is not returned to Gold De Royale, subjecting yourself to unnecessary taxes, duties, shipping costs or delays. All international shipments must be cleared from customs by the customer on the same day when the package arrives at the country of destination. Failure to clear the package on the same day will void the transit insurance cover on the package and the customer will be liable for any losses if the package is tampered, lost or stolen.

Delivery Time Period for Bullion Orders
All orders placed with Gold De Royale will be dispatched as soon as possible. Due to the high demand for Swiss precious metals and for London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) accredited precious metals, orders may take up to seven weeks for delivery on some occasions, as demand outweighs supply. Gold De Royale will not be liable for any late deliveries. While Gold De Royale strives to dispatch all orders quickly, this may not be possible owing to a high market demand for bullion. Gold De Royale will not be liable for any claims associated with late deliveries.

Supply Interrupted
If Gold De Royale is directly or indirectly prevented from making supply or otherwise performing an obligation, by reason of events beyond its reasonable control including any force majeure event including drought limiting or restricting availability of input products of required quality, act of God, fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike, natural disaster, mechanical or electrical failure, industrial action or dispute, lockout, epidemic, war or act of war (whether declared or not), terrorism, revolution, malicious damage, sabotage, civil unrest or disturbance, or action or inaction of any foreign or domestic government or third party, its obligations are suspended while it is prevented from so doing. Gold De Royale will use all reasonable endeavours to terminate the event giving rise to delay, but that will not include the settling of an industrial dispute on disadvantageous terms. Upon termination of the event, Gold De Royale must resume the performance of its obligations under this contract at the earliest date reasonably possible.