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Exchange/Money-Back Policy

a)     At Gold De Royale you can be guaranteed of the fineness (purity) of the gold/silver/palladium/platinum bullion products that we sell. We guarantee all our products (precious metals) are what they are supposed to be (Gold- 999.9 fineness/.999 fineness/.916 fineness, Silver- 999.9/999.0 fineness, Palladium- 999.5 fineness, Platinum- 999.5 fineness) depending on your purchase. We offer full money-back guarantee if the products that we sell are not what they are supposed to be.

b)    If you have been sent an item which is not the one that you have purchased, that is, we send you the wrong item, we can send you the right item provided the following steps are followed.

c)     You must contact us within two business days via e-mail before sending your item back. After you contact us, Gold De Royale will provide you with instructions on how to ship your item back. It is your responsibility to ensure that the items are adequately packaged so that they are not damaged during return transit.

d)    We will not ship any exchanged item to you until your item along with its purchase receipt is returned to us. If you have opened the precious metal synthetic secure casing, you must send it along with the precious metal. If we find any signs that the precious metal has been damaged, we will not accept the exchange and you will be responsible for the return shipping to you. It is your responsibility to send the shipping payment to us before the item is shipped back to you.

e)     Changing your mind about the purchase is not a legitimate reason for an exchange. We are more than happy to guide you prior to placing an order. When in doubt, please do contact us via e-mail before placing an order. We will NOT accept any returns or exchanges for the following reasons: You have changed your mind; you are having financial problems; you have found a different item which you prefer; you have found the same item at a lower price somewhere else; you did not read our Purchase Terms and Conditions and did not know you could not return your purchase.