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Buying Gold
Investing and buying gold is considered by many regular people, as well as financial experts, as being the only true hedge against inflation, unstable economies, and other mishaps our world is going through. Even powerful economies spend more money than they have at their disposal, making it difficult for their citizens to keep their savings in the national currency. Actually, most currencies across the globe, even the ones known for their stability, have a general tendency of losing value over time. The one thing that maintains its intrinsic value is gold, which is why buying gold is the favorite method of saving and protecting wealth used by clever investors. Here are the most important ways of buying gold.
Small Time Investor Strategy: scrap gold
If you are buying gold for the first time, or you do not have large capital at your disposal, a good idea is to buy scrap gold. Scrap gold is defined as any broken jewellery made of gold or old pieces, anything that can be purchased at a low price in order to create profit later. This way you can buy small quantities of gold whenever you have a bit of cash you want to invest, and store it away for future benefits.

You can buy scrap gold from relatives that want to get rid of old jewellery; from auction sites, where such items are sold at very convenient prices; and from pawn shops that do not demand the same high prices as jewelry stores.

This method holds little risk and is ideal for small time investors.
New Investor Strategy: gold bullion
Another method recommended for new investors is buying gold in the form of bullions. These can be gold coins, or gold bars. Like the aforementioned method, it is a low risk type of investment. While you may have to wait a while in order to see a substantial profit, you will have a very liquid investment at your disposal that will protect you against inflation and other financial mishaps. Since everybody is buying gold, it will be easy for you to sell if you need cash.

When it comes to gold bullions, you need to learn a few things. For instance, if you are interested in buying gold coins, you need to know that older coins are more valuable because they have a numismatic value, as well as their value in gold, which is the intrinsic value. Still, you can purchase new gold coins as they are very portable, liquid and a warrant of your wealth.

Another thing to keep in mind is the purity grade of the gold bullions you intend to buy. The best ones have a purity of .999. This is a valid point for gold bars, as gold coins usually contain some form of an alloy to make them more durable. In the best case, they only have .916 gold content, as seen in the American Eagle Gold Coin.

Always buy gold bullions from well-established companies. Gold bars of the greatest purity and highest value are produced by famous names such as PAMP and Johnson Matthey.

There are many online websites, gold brokerages, banks, and of course, manufacturers, that sell gold bullion. Always make sure you buy gold from reputable sources that can also offer you a certificate for your purchase. Without such proof, you will find it difficult to turn your gold into cash at a later date.

Here is another important aspect to keep in mind when you purchase gold bullions. Make your own research on the current price for gold. It is very important to buy gold at a price beneath the official one so you can make a profit as soon as possible.
For Experienced Investors: gold futures
The two methods presented above have a great quality: they have very low risk, which means that small investors and first time investors can safely buy gold without the fear of losing money. For more experienced investors, however, there are other methods they can choose. One of them is investing in gold futures.

These are investments made based on the future price of gold. You are basically buying gold at a predicted price, which means that you are exposing yourself to quite an important risk. If the price of gold drops, you will have to pay for the losses from your own pocket. On the other hand, you can have an important profit over a very short duration of time.

You will have to work with a specialized commodity firm to purchase gold futures. Only invest sums of money you know you can lose, as the risk associated with gold futures is quite high.
Day Traders’ Favourite Method: gold exchanged traded funds
Exchanged Traded Funds (ETF) represent another method for buying gold. Again, this is not a strategy for first time investors, as it takes some experience to know how to deal with them and make a profit. Like the gold futures method, it consists of speculating on the future price for gold, but it is less risky.

The mechanism is very similar to any other type of fund. You will be able to buy and sell them, but you will have to pay commissions for each exchange, and the not-so-great part is that you will never physically own the gold you are investing in.

Buying gold in this manner is reserved for seasoned investors with a taste for hedge funds. Profit can be made on short term, but money can be lost as well. It is not recommended to go for ETFs unless you already have some experience with buying gold under your belt.
Buying gold is the preferred method to save money and protect wealth for many investors, regardless of experience. You should always evaluate the different methods at your disposal, to avoid being dragged into a deal that does not work for you. Start small, with buying gold like old jewelry, and continue with gold bullions. Other methods are riskier and you can end up losing serious money if you venture too far, by investing too much.