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Gold Coins – Interested in learning on how to invest in gold coins?
With gold price soaring constantly, many people look forward to investing in this precious metal. Its high liquidity makes it ideal for completing anyone’s investment portfolio. Beginners are often advised to start by investing in gold coins, since they are cheaper than other forms of gold bullion. Here are all the things that matters and you need to know about investing and buying gold coins.
How to invest or buy gold coins
In order to invest in gold coins, you need to purchase them from a reputable bullion dealer. This is the first rule. The second rule is to know your coins very well, as there are various types of gold coins: bullion coins, common US coins (that were in circulation before 1933), commemorative coins, foreign coins and rare gold coins.

Another thing you must be aware of is the price. While it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that there is a spot price, calculated every day, the dealer you will be purchasing your gold coins from will not sell it at this price. A premium is applied to the spot price, and your goal will be to find dealers who offer lower premiums.

Once you purchase your desired amount of gold, a big issue will be how to store it. The most reputable companies selling gold also have storage vaults, where you can keep the gold, instead of having it shipped to your address.
What are the various types of gold coins available?
One of the most important aspects to be aware of when investing in gold is that there are various types of gold coins available. Here are the most important ones to know:

• Bullion gold coins. These are basically gold minted into the form of coins, and they do not carry any numismatic value. Their value is calculated based on the amount of gold they contain. Since they usually contain smaller quantities of gold, they are ideal for first time investors.

• Common pre-1933 gold coins. Another type of gold coin you can purchase for your investment portfolio is the common coin that was in circulation before 1933. Their value depends on the amount of gold they contain.

• Commemorative gold coins. These are minted by the US Mint and they carry a high numismatic value, besides their value in gold, so expect to pay more for these.

• Foreign gold coins. Many countries around the world used to use gold as currency, and there are many foreign gold coins that sell surprisingly well.

• Rare gold coins. These are not the best instrument for investment if you are just starting to buy gold. Because of their rarity, they sell for high premiums, because of their numismatic value. However, the market for these coins can be fickle, and you need to be a true connoisseur to get into the business of buying and selling rare gold coins.

Purity available
Purity is one trait of gold coins you need to be well informed on. Actually, there are many investors who consider that the purity of the gold coins you are purchasing is more important than their actual weight or amount of gold. Purity is a sign that the gold was not mixed with too much alloy or silver, which leads to a higher price for it when you intend to sell it.

Gold coins have a downside when compared to gold bars. Because they need to maintain a certain shape, more alloy must be used in the minting process. However, the best coins are known for having a purity of .999, applied to 24K gold.

In case you are not very picky about this aspect, you should know that an acceptable threshold is over .900. Your goal should be, nonetheless, to purchase gold coins of a higher purity, because they are more liquid and easier to sell, in case you want to transform your stash of gold into money.
Well known gold coins
All gold coins are not created equal, so to speak, and you need to know a few things about the most popular coins that are currently sold on the international market, in order to make a sound investment. Here are the best known gold coins that you can never go wrong with, should you decide to invest your money in them.
Perth Mint gold coin
The famous Australian gold coin is very popular with investors, as well as collectors. The Australian mint releases new designs on a regular basis, making the coins more valuable than just their weight in gold. The collectible value is not the only trait that draws investors. They also have an outstanding purity of .999, which means that you can hardly find anything better than these coins. They are sold in various weights, starting from half a gram, so, in case you are just getting started with investing in gold, the Perth Mint gold coin is a great place to start.
American gold eagle coin
This gold coin is the official bullion gold coin minted in the US. Released from the first time in 1986, by the US Mint, its value is equal to its gold value, and not its face value. It is made of an alloy of 22K gold and it has a purity of .9167. The gold coin is sold in various weights: 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz, and its gold content is certified and guaranteed by the United States Mint. On one face, the gold coin features Lady Liberty with a torch in the right hand and an olive branch in the other; on the reverse, one can see a male eagle carrying an olive branch over a nest with a female eagle and hatchlings.
Chinese gold panda coin
Famous especially for its panda design, the Chinese gold coin was first released in 1982. You can purchase this gold coin in weights varying from 1/20 troy oz to 1 troy oz. These coins are sold in the US by Panda America, but, internationally, they are traded by China Gold Coin Corporation. They are a good investment since they have an outstanding purity of .999, and their weight and purity are a legal tender guaranteed by the People’s Republic of China.
Austrian Philharmonic gold coin
Austrian Philharmonic gold coins have a commemorative value, besides their value in gold. With an outstanding purity of .999 24K gold, they are a great prize for collectors, but also for those who want to invest in gold. Various weights and values were minted, to reflect the face value of the coins in Euros, Austria being one of the first 12 countries to introduce the Euro as currency. They are sold as 10 Euro, 25 Euro, 50 Euro and 100 Euro coins, but there is another Austrian Philharmonic gold coin, with an outstanding value of 100,000 Euros. Only 15 gold coins of this caliber were minted.
South African Krugerrand gold coin
The first South African Krugerrand gold coin was first minted in 1967,and it offered investors from foreign countries the opportunity to purchase gold in this form. Since the face value of the coin is considered merely symbolic, its weight in gold is more important, and makes it an instrument for investing in gold. It has a purity of .9167 22K gold, and it is made of an alloy of 22 parts pure gold and 2 parts copper, which gives the gold coin its distinctive orange tint. This gold coin is more durable than coins made of pure gold, because of the sturdiness of the alloy. The South African Kuregerrand gold coin is sold in denominations from 1/10 troy oz to 1 troy ounce.
Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin
The Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin is the official gold bullion coin of Canada, and it is famous worldwide for its outstanding purity of .9999 24K gold. Some coins even have a purity of .99999, which means that they basically contain no base metals whatsoever. The gold used for making the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin comes from the Canadian mines, and the bullion coin was first introduced in 1979, when The South African Krugerrand was the only bullion gold coin in the world. Although the gold coins sold under this name have a face value, they are more appreciated for their weight in pure gold. They are sold in denominations such as: 1/25 oz, 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz
British Britannia gold coin
The British Britannia gold coin is the British gold bullion coin minted by the Royal Mint from 1987. The most common gold coins are 1 troy ounce coins, with a face value of 100 British pounds. However, there are other denominations sold to investors, such as 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz, representing face values of 10, 25 and 50 British pounds, respectively. Starting with 2013, the British Britannia gold coin has an outstanding purity of .9999 24K gold. Until 2012, they used to have a purity of .917 22K gold, being made with an alloy containing copper (until 1989) and silver after that date.