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About Us
Gold De Royale is Australia’s leading online bullion store selling Swiss gold and silver bullion. Gold De Royale is Australia’s premier precious metal dealer that sells bullion from those refiners that are recognised by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) as a Good Delivery Refiner or as a Good Delivery Referee.  The LBMA is the GOLD STANDARD when it comes to precious metals refining. At Gold De Royale, our motto is to provide the best precious metals that money can buy to our customers. We believe in selling only world-renowned gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullion. Our customers can place purchase orders from anywhere in the world, saving themselves money and time. We ship bullion orders worldwide. 

We appreciate your visit to our website and we hope you will find your shopping experience rewarding. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Vision
To be Australia's leading online precious metals bullion company selling the best gold, silver, palladium and platinum that is obtainable in the precious metals market.

Our Values
Quality: As an Australian business we want to provide our customers with superior products. This means providing value for each dollar spent.

Customer Satisfaction: We are always committed to excellent customer satisfaction. We build on better ideas, and listen to what our customers say. We think outside of the box. Our valued customers always come first and we will often go out of our way to prove that to them. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We pay attention to detail and keep to our commitments. We deliver results.

Customer Service Ranking:  At Gold De Royale we have gone to great lengths to satisfy the needs of our customers. In a recent survey, 97.1% of our customers rated our customer service as exceptional.  As a result of the survey, we have an impeccable reputation in Australia as one of the best precious metal dealers. We would have never achieved this rating without understanding the needs of our customers. From time to time we undertake extensive consultation with our customers and based on their feedback we add new products and enhance our existing systems.

Our success as Australia’s best precious metal dealer is deeply rooted in our superior ability to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers and also provide the best precious metals that are available. We earn customers’ loyalty by focusing on one customer at a time. The customer's needs become our own and we take personal ownership of the company's long-term relationship with that individual in every single interaction, diligently following through as appropriate.

Why buy from Gold De Royale?
There are many reasons why you should buy from us. Did you know...
Gold De Royale is Australia’s first online precious metal dealer selling Swiss bullion.
We sell bullion of those refiners that are accredited by the London Bullion Market Association ( as a Good Delivery Refiner or as a Good Delivery Referee.

We sell the best Swiss precious metals that money can buy. These include precious metals refined by the prestigious PAMP of Switzerland, Valcambi of Switzerland and Argor Heraeus of Switzerland.

We use state-of-the-art technology in processing orders from start to finish.

Gold De Royale Review: Some of the actual comments that we get from our customers include:
The PAMP gold and silver are just fabulous.  Thank you for your outstanding service and you can be sure I'll tell my friends and family (L.M., VIC)

Dear …, it was a pleasure to conduct business with a company that embraces the values of God, Queen and Country. I would not hesitate to do business with your company again. (K.T., ACT)

Hello…, did you send the American silver coin by mistake or what? After speaking to … I was surprised to know that it was a gift for me!!!! I am speechless. My brother will buy from you sometime next week. (R.W., SA)

Top-notch customer service. I placed an order using my SMSF and the service given to me was beyond my comprehension. Step by step you have guided me. GOLD DE ROYALE, you have me for life! Thank you all so very much for wonderful products, fair pricing, and the EXCELLENT service around. (L.M., VIC)

Keep up the great work and looking forward to my next purchase. You are my go to people and no one can match your quality and service. I cannot believe that all these years I received atrocious customer service from other bullion dealers. Thank you so much for everything. It's obvious you care mate. (J.M., QLD)

Sorry for my late feedback. I have made many purchases over the last few years and have never had any problems with the quality of my order, the timeliness of its arrival, or the friendliness of the service I received while placing my orders. I have no idea how you guys do it!!!!!! Because I definitely do not have the patience and friendliness that you have. (K.E., NT)

Wow! I have just received my first purchase. I almost collapsed to see the security procedures that you have in place. Even though I didn't spend a large amount of money (because I don't have), I will continue to spend a little for years to come. (A.O., SA)

I returned home from holiday travel to find you had shipped my order. You guys are awesome! In fact I will place another order soon and I will also place an order to fund my SMSF for this year. Thank You for your outstanding service and you can be sure I'll tell my friends and family too. (R.M., WA)

I just would like to thank you and Gold De Royale for the care you took in packaging the Panda silver coins. You went above and beyond what I expected. The coins are just beautiful and I love them. (J.C., NSW)

I just want to say thank you for the wonderful gift (never expected). Even though we were doing business over the internet for many years, it made me feel like we were just a handshake away. It was a pleasure buying from you this year and I look forward to doing business with you again. (S.H., VIC)

After nearly two years as a customer I just want to say thanks to the fine people at Gold De Royale who have helped educate and guide me in my precious metals investments. (R.O., NSW)

I have been ordering from Gold De Royale for the past few months and I am very pleased with the gold and silver bullion I receive. I can only afford a little each month but I love what I get and the prices are very reasonable. Thanks for the great service. (M.J., SA)

I was very satisfied with the product I recently purchased, it arrived in perfect condition. Your shipping is also the best I’ve used. (J.L., WA)

Received my first order from you yesterday. I couldn't be more pleased with the smoothness and professionalism with which my order was handled. I will be making all my future purchases through you. Thanks and keep up the great work. (D.W., QLD)

I've just received my coins and I wanted to thank you guys for making the entire process fun and enjoyable. Gold De Royale has certainly earned my trust and respect through continuous professionalism and superior service. (S.S., ACT)

Hello Gold De Royale. If you issue customer loyalty cards, please let me know as I am your customer for life. (D.T., VIC)

Thanks to you, Gold De Royale, for your great and friendly service and not to mention the American Silver Eagle rounds are a wonderful value and look great! I ordered on a Saturday night through the web site. It was my first order with Gold De Royale and by 7:00 a.m. Monday morning I received an email saying my order was being processed. On Tuesday I received an email saying my order was shipped and on Wednesday I had my order. I look forward to making my next order. (P.R., QLD)

I am writing to thank you for your great service and reasonable prices. I have done research on various bullion dealers and found you to be the best. I am a gold and silver 'bug' who buys in small quantities, and your service has been outstanding and incredibly reliable. I just received a shipment today and am amazed with how well you package things. As well, your web site is very user friendly. (W.J.,VIC)

Just wanted to say, you didn’t even need to ask for feedback I would have given it myself the items are beautiful and the delivery was awesome secure and professional will be coming back in less than a week. (S.A., NSW)

...silver arrived just now, very professional process from start to finish, way, way better and more professional than dealing with … dealer.  (J.V., QLD)

Hi all, I received this order today. Thank you for thoroughly excellent service. These 100gm Swiss silver bars are exquisite. (G.M., NSW)

...the above order has arrived safely and is in my possession. Thank you to you and all the staff at Gold De Royale for the impeccable service. On another note, my God it is fun breaking into and through all the packaging and seals! I hope Mr. VO is giving you a pay rise. (G.M., NSW)

Happy is not the word. I am actually very impressed on how well you handled my order, very well organized, patient and above all honest service.  I have never experienced a better shipping system than yours. Much faster than other local US companies that I normally buy bullions from. I was somehow worried at first but I will blindly do business with Gold De Royale at anytime. (A.C., USA)

Dear Gold de Royale employees. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding service and products that you have provided for me. I have placed many orders, so please forgive me for not including all of your names. In the past, I have purchased silver American eagles and Canadian maple leafs. I have always been satisfied with your service, price and product quality. Today I received my Argor Heraeus 1 Ounce Kinebars. The magnificent beauty, quality and eye appeal are everything I had hoped for. I am looking forward to receiving my next order from you. I really have no desire to do business with anyone else. Needless to say, I will be continuing to recommend you to all my friends in Melbourne. Thank you and have a great day. (R.O., VIC)

As a new customer, I would just like to say that I'm impressed with your company and I must say that you are the best precious metal company in Australia. I've placed two silver bullion orders and each one was processed and delivered in a very timely manner. Your pricing is great. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your service. As a businessman, I always hear about when things go wrong, seldom when they go right! Thanks! (P.N., NT)

I have just placed my first order with your company and I've got nothing but good things to say! Although I have purchased platinum bullion locally before, I was a bit leery of going through the internet. Even though the platinum bullion I ordered decreased quite a bit in value since I purchased, that's the nature of the precious metal market industry, so to speak. You are a truly upstanding and outstanding business and I will continue to order more from you in future purchases! Thank you GOLD DE ROYALE (K.L., NSW)

I've just received my first purchase from you guys and I was very satisfied. I think one of the best features you guys have is that you have a low minimum purchase so even the little guys (such as myself) who don't spend large amounts of money can take advantage of your services. I have already placed another order through you guys and hope to do more business through you. It's also cool that you take American Express cards as well. Most places don't, which in my opinion costs them business just like forcing high minimum purchases. I'm glad I stumbled onto this site first. Keep up the good work. (F.E., ACT)

I just have to say that I am impressed with 1. The speed with which you have processed my order. 2. The way the purchasing process was handled. 3. The way items are displayed for viewing so the customer can have an accurate description of the items they are purchasing. 4. And even down to the details of informing me by e-mail that my order has shipped. I have not yet received the items, but I am extremely impressed already with your service and will probably be doing business again with you in the future. Keep up the high quality customer service and you will be in business for many years to come. Thank you. (B.K., QLD)

I am very happy with your level of professionalism as finally I was able to make an informed decision for investing my self-managed superannuation funds to purchase Swiss gold and silver worth $150K. Your service is mind blowing! (R.T., NSW)

Thank you for your patience in answering all my emails. Because I am new to precious metal investment, I had to make sure that I purchased the right stuff. I hope you guys keep up the fabulous service that you offer to many investors in Australia. (M.N., NSW)

Your armed guard carriers were fabulous. I was pretty scared initially because I live in such a posh neighbourhood and required the delivery to be discreet. But they came in a normal car and delivered it to me. I am sure that is not the last time that I will be purchasing from you all. (E.T., VIC)

The Johnson Matthey silver bars were absolutely fabulous. They are far better than all the silver bars that I have. If only I knew before that someone was selling Johnson Matthey silver bars, I would have purchased all of my silver bars from your company. (H.S., SA)

I almost fainted when I saw the level of packaging that you take when sending precious metals. Tamper evident this, tamper evident that, plastic bag discoloration etc. I think you all should run all the business in Australia. One thing is sure, because your service standards are the best I am sure that the brain behind all of this is Swiss (I.L., WA).

I take this opportunity to thank you and the Gold De Royale team for the wonderful silver investment coins received today.  As a first time buyer, it was a bit daunting but your professionalism and thoroughness are an asset to your business, as indeed to your customers.  I am deeply satisfied with this purchase and will certainly be purchasing again. (D.G., VIC)

I received the order this morning. Thank you. This was my maiden purchase from Gold De Royale and I am happy to say that I have been very pleased with your service. You have exceeded my expectations in all aspects from the timeliness of your responses to my queries down to updating me on the status of my order. Special thanks also to Simon for expediting the shipment of this order. Well done, guys and I will definitely be back to purchase more precious metals from you. (A.M., VIC)

Thank you Mark and Gold De Royale for your excellent service.  I only clicked on your link on EBay less than a week ago and was immediately impressed by the graphics on your site.  After my initial enquiry and question, I have been amazed at the speed of the transaction - three days from original email to having the purchase in my hand - super quick!  That time even included my mailing the required ID documents - can't possibly get faster than that!!  Thanks again Gold De Royale and staff, 101% in everything you did, I still can't get over the way you packaged the item, I could have almost used it for 'pass the parcel' . (A.T., QLD)

I received my order today and the Heraeus Kinebar gold is just fabulous. When I opened the package I assumed the package contained diamonds (heeeee), as the packaging was securely packed with tamper evident labels, bags, and bar-coded ordering system labels. I have purchased precious metals from many bullion dealers in Australia and I must say that your service standards and your ordering system are top class. I must say that you are the BEST IN THE WORLD. No wonder my friends always brag about service standards. Keep up the good work. Very soon you will have an army of Swiss gold fans. (L.Y., VIC)

Thanks I received my order today and the Johnson Matthey Silver bullion is fabulous. It was always my dream to purchase Johnson Matthey Silver bullion and finally I have them. Thanks for selling such great products. (T.L., WA) 

The Argor Heraeus 100 grams silver bar was so cute when I opened the package. Great product. (G.R., QLD). 

Even though my order took about 5 weeks to arrive I am still extremely happy with your service because you communicate the status of the order clearly. Please say a big THANK YOU to your team. (J.R., NSW)