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What Is Gold Bullion?
You may have heard about gold bullion quite a number of times, especially if you search for ways to protect your wealth by purchasing precious metals. Gold is the most widely appreciated metal for warding off the effects of inflation and other economical strife, as it is portable, versatile and liquid. Purchasing gold in bullion form is considered the best method for beginners because it offers a wide array of advantages, as will be shown.
Gold in bulk at face value
When you purchase jewelry, you are buying more than just gold. You are paying for the jeweler’s craft and for the aesthetic value of the piece you are purchasing. For this reason, it is not particularly wise to invest in jewelry. Buying gold bullion is a much better solution if you want to protect your savings.

Gold bullion has the advantage of being gold in bulk. You are not paying for anything extra, only for the value of gold sold by the manufacturer or dealer. Gold bullion comes in many weights, which means that you have the opportunity to invest more money if you so wish.

Last but not least, the gold bullion is famous for its purity. Jewelry has to be crafted, using various alloys, which means that you pay only for the intrinsic value of gold.
Gold bullion bars: pros and cons
One form of buying gold bullion is to purchase it as gold bars. These are famous for their outstanding purity and there are manufacturers who offer gold bars with .999 purity. This is the best gold you can purchase with the best value on the market.

Gold bars come in many different weights, which means that you can invest more money in a single gold bullion from theget-go. Weights of up to one kilogram are not unusual, so you have the opportunity to transform your cash into pure gold quite easily.

Gold sellers often offer you the possibility of keeping your gold in their audited vaults, protected from theft.

There are, however, some downsides to gold bullion bars. They are not exactly easy to sell, and they are not very portable either. Consider them as long term investments.
Gold bullion coins: pros and cons
Another method to purchase gold bullion is to buy gold coins. These are highly versatile, and they can easily be turned into cash, should the need arise. They usually come in small weights which means that it is very easy to carry them around, or stash them away.

They do not have the same high value or purity as gold bullion bars. They are also made with special alloys to be able to maintain their shape for a long time.

Consider carefully which type of gold bullion you prefer, based on their pros and cons.