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Secure Bullion Storage

We do provide secure storage facilities for precious metals only for our clients. We understand that owing to the inherent value of precious metals our clients can have difficulty in finding suitable storage because of the lack of secure storage facilities available. Therefore, Gold De Royale offers the highest level of security available in the precious metals industry, known as segregated vault storage. If you would like us to store your precious metals, we will gladly do it for you. When you appoint us to store your bullion, your bullion will be counted twice by two different appointed personnel and both must agree and then sign the inventory list. Your precious metals are then placed into a secured casing and tagged with your name, certificate of storage number and contents, and then securely stored in a vault at The Reserve Vault, Brisbane, Queensland. We then mail you a Certificate of Storage that lists the items. The Reserve Vault is a highly secured facility that provides secure storage for valuables. If you ever require your precious metals be shipped to you, just let us know and they will be on their way at the earliest. Various terms and conditions and prices apply if you choose this option. Please contact us via email and we will send you the necessary information with the various charges made for this service. Please note that we provide this service only to clients who have purchased precious metals from us.


The Reserve Vault in Brisbane is as an independent world class secure storage facility in Australia. First established by the Reserve Bank of Australia, this purpose built vault is Lloyds of London Accredited. For more information please refer to their website.